I'm a builder at heart and can't stop making things. I love bringing order to chaos by building robust and maintainable software. I comment like my life depends on it. I've known I wanted to be in software not long after I got my hands on my first computer, and I haven't looked back since!


B.S. Computer Science
The University of Texas at Austin
Graduated May 2011


Software Engineer
Spredfast (formerly Mass Relevance)
July 2012 - Present
  • Work on the Experiences platform, building fast and intuitive UIs for moderating, processing, and analyzing social media interactions generated by a client's social media audience in their customized visualizations.
  • Build, maintain, and document the SDK used internally and externally to create and maintain interactive and WYSIWYG-customizable social media visualizations.
  • Worked on the custom project team, delivering interactive and highly-customized visualizations to clients using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript and our internal SDK.
Software Engineer
June 2011 - June 2012
  • Member of the Payments team, providing a consistent API around interfacing with many disparate payment gateways.
  • Built high-availability systems to stably handle many thousands of requests daily.
  • Implemented systems to tokenize sensitive data in a secure and low-latency manner.
  • Built the system that hosts and serves the secure, interactive checkout page in the cart flow. The page allows people to enter their payment information.
Software Engineering Intern
@hand Corporation
Summer 2011
  • Personally created an entirely new control type for the interface designer in the main product.
  • Built a utility for validating database structure against contents.
  • Fixed dozens of long-standing bugs in the code base in preparation for the next minor version of the product.
  • Used Mercurial in conjunction with seven other developers.
Research Programmer
HETDEX Project
Spring 2010
  • Wrote an emulator for the current HETDEX telescope dome control server in Python, allowing rapid development of new control system software.
  • Investigated different non-relational databases for use in storing nightly logs in an easily searchable manner, and made a recommendation as to which to use (MongoDB).
Programming Consultant
Austin Stone Community Church
Summer 2009
  • Designed and implemented a system for broadcasting high definition video over the Internet to multiple client sites.
  • Built system using widely available hardware and open source software.


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Languages JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Go, Python, Java, Ruby, C#
Operating Systems Arch/Ubuntu Linux, OS X, Windows (command-line experience with all)
Version Control Git, Mercurial, Subversion
Miscellaneous Rails, Node.js, MySQL, SQL Server